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It is ridiculous how many people are having gay fuck buddy sex now a days! The only reason I came to this conclusion is because like six of my friends admitted to it and I have busted family members doing it to. I just don’t think I could ever bring myself to do it, I [...]

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I’m very proud of my best friend Julie. Two years ago she was really down on her luck. She had been made redundant from the perfect job she had working as a loyal secretary for a huge car manufacturing company and her house was about to be repossessed. She decided to take a chance by [...]

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Graduating college was a goal I aspired to achieve. I studied hard, made good grades and viola! I walked across the stage smack into debt. No one tells you about the part where you struggle to find a job just to be able to pay off your student loans. Reality was a hard pill to [...]

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The guy that I work for drives me crazy sometimes because he will flirt with any walk of life. He does not care if she is young or old or even the ugliest human that you have every seen. It is very annoying to me because he has a wealthy and faithful woman waiting for [...]

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I met a very interesting woman last night at my work. She was in her late twenties and works at London Gatwick escorts with a couple of my friends. She came in around closing time to grab a quick drink before the cut off point. When she walked in there was only one other guy [...]

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I love using fuck buddy dating sites online. It’s a great way to meet people, and just maybe find “the one.” It’s unfortunate that you have to go through so many wrong ones before you can find the one you are meant to be with though. One bonus of the upgrade from telephone dating lines [...]